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You’re likely to encounter many different leaders in your life, but not all of them would be considered good, effective leaders. Being a good leader tends to come with a few key characteristics that are simple to recognize in an individual. Here are some common characteristics that make a good leader.


One of the most important qualities needed to be a good leader is honesty. When you lead a team of people or if a group of people follows you, it’s always important to be transparent. As an honest leader, your team is more likely to follow your example and they’re also more likely to respect you.

Good Communication

Communication is always important when discussing leadership. If a leader doesn’t have good communication skills then they won’t be able to effectively communicate their goals and visions to their team. Communication is important when it comes to setting up work expectations or giving constructive criticism. Words can also be great motivators for people and have the ability to make people go above and beyond, so keep that in mind as well.


Often times a good leader is somebody who the team can go to when things go wrong, and they expect their leader to be able to think outside the box when issues arise. Being creative can help a leader and their team get out of a bind, as well as move them forward in whatever their goals may be. Creativity is also important because a leader can use that to brainstorm with their team, which gets the team involved and often times reinforce their importance to achieving your goals.

The ability to inspire others

When leading a team, having the ability to inspire people is of the utmost importance. Tough times are common in the workspace, and it’s up to the leader to find ways to keep the team’s spirits high. A good leader will give words of encouragement when needed, and also stay calm under pressure. When the team sees that you are thinking and acting positively, they will likely begin doing the same because of the inspiration you provided.


Empathy is one of the most important aspects of being an effective leader. Being empathetic means you have the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes, that you understand or feel what they are feeling. There are times when a leader needs to think about these things in order in order to make a closer connection to their team. There are plenty of leaders that follow a more dictatorial style and neglect empathy altogether, causing them to fail at making those connections. This can cause a disconnect between the team, which in turn could lead to your team not reaching their goals.

Leadership means many different things to many different people. There are so many ingredients needed in order to be the best leader one can possibly be, and the five I’ve listed are only the beginning. If you thrive to be an effective leader and to lead your team to their goals, make sure to keep these attributes in mind.