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About Charmel

Charmel Bowden is a highly talented operation professional with experience in all facets of operational management, administration, and project leadership with a proven ability to effectively provide C-level support in the execution of their vision and goals. She has demonstrated proficiency in serving as a strategic advisor, facilitating support for corporate objectives that lead to success.

Charmel Bowden has worked as a consultant and executive coach as Principal of Vuela Alto Strategies Inc., a company that specializes in supporting company leaders, up-skilling new managers, or equipping employees to surpass what they can do on their own to meet their performance objectives.

Beyond this, Charmel has worked in a variety of industries including banking, retail, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, technology, food service, and government to name a few. Throughout her long-standing career, Charmel has gained a stellar reputation based on the results she has helped achieve. She stands out by having a unique combination of in-depth business acumen and keen people astuteness. This combination helps her provide strategic insight, innovative perspectives, and resourceful thinking in fast-paced environments dealing with constant change.

Charmel has years of experience working in project management, scheduling, budgeting, and communications. Prior to working at Vuela Alto Strategies, she worked at Caliber Consortium, LLC a consulting firm specializing in marketing and advertising services including strategic planning, advertising, sales & marketing campaigns, branding, design, and PR. 

Charmel Bowden’s career path has followed the progressive pursuit of excellence. She is curious, enterprising, engaged, and persistent. Her ability to see the big picture, constantly recalibrate and keep moving towards her goals is something she has been admired for, with people often saying “It’s like an obsession.” She is consistently looking for ways to improve her life and help those around her. Charmel is an inspiration to many and is regarded for her loyalty and commitment to the people in her life. She truly understands and cares for people. Highly empathic and trained in emotional intelligence (EQ), her ability to work with the strengths and weaknesses of individuals to help them grow is exceptional. Charmel is also a highly respected team leader.

Charmel Bowden earned two Associate of Arts degrees from Bellevue College – Business Administration & Management and Marketing Management & Communications while building a retail store from one location to 7 in four years. She attended classes at Antioch University where she pursued courses in Organizational Change and Leadership. Charmel also attended the Burnley School of Professional Art & Design where she earned her degree in Commercial Art, Graphic Design & Illustration. 

When she isn’t working, Charmel is also an enthusiastic promoter of personal empowerment, having worked in the blind community in her early years as she raised her blind daughter. Moving to her work with children (Puget Sound Big Brothers & Sisters), women in business (President and Membership Chair for Women Business Owners, a Seattle-based community of business professionals) and ultimately working with people in poverty as a mentor (Bridges Out of Poverty & Getting Ahead)

She has a highly creative side which you can follow on Instagram charmelbowden or you can take a look at her personal website at

Favorite Quote:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” –Anais Nin

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