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Charmel Bowden

Professional Overview

About Charmel

Charmel Bowden is a highly successful coach and consultant, located in Alexandria, Virginia. She is also the founder and president of Vuela Alto Strategies. Her company specializes in supporting company leaders,up-skilling new managers, or equipping employees to surpass what they can do on their own to meet their performance objectives.

She has worked in a variety of industries regardless of trade, whether they are in retail, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, technology, or banking.

The company name Vuela Alto translates to “soar” or “fly high,” which is very appropriate to how Charmel approaches each of her clients. Throughout her long-standing career, Charmel has gained a stellar reputation. She stands out from her competitors by having a unique combination of business acumen, behavioral coaching and helping leaders develop and strengthen their corporate culture. She believes it takes a birds-eye view and a look at the whole person to get a complete picture of a situation and encompass all aspects of the task at hand. This perspective helps give her clients the most productive advice possible when catering to their individual needs in meeting their ROI’s.

Charmel has years of experience working in project management, scheduling, logistics, budgeting, and P&L statements. Prior to forming Vuela Alto, Charmel was the owner of Caliber Consortium, a consulting firm specializing in marketing and advertising services including strategic planning, advertising, sales & marketing campaigns, branding, design, and PR.

She was also the founder, co-owner, and CEO of Bowden/Kellett in Seattle. One of the advertising and marketing agencies in the Pacific Northwest where she led the strategic planning, account and sales teams.

Charmel attended classes at Antioch University in Seattle where she majored in Organizational Change and Leadership. She graduated from the Burnley School of Professional Art & Design where she earned her degree in Commercial Art, Graphic Design & Illustration. She is also the recipient of two Associate of Arts degrees from Bellevue College – Business Administration and Marketing Communications.

When she isn’t working, Charmel is also an enthusiastic promoter of various causes. Whenever possible, she encourages empowerment for everyone, especially females of industry. She has held the titles of president and membership chair for Women Business Owners, a Seattle-based community of business professionals. She is also a strong advocate for promoting a sense of community and giving back. To that end, she is a volunteer mentor for the Bridges Out Of Poverty program, which helps people gain a better understanding and sense of empathy for working with poverty-stricken populations, and Getting Ahead, which helps people control and guide their own futures through perception, visibility, and influence.

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